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Fun Article


Gallienus Antoninianus


Empire: Rome

Place: Rome

Date: 254-268 AD

Denomination: AR Antoninianus


Obv (image on left). Radiate bust of Gallienus right

Rev (image on right). Panther facing left


Gallienus was born in about 218 AD. He was Roman emperor with his father (Valerian) from 253 to 260, and alone from 260 until his death in September 268, aged 50. He had a very difficult reign and faced many problems such as revolts and invasions, and died due to assasination. This animal series was issued to ask for the protection of a number of gods and goddesses against the troubles at the end of his reign. The animals on each coin are usually linked to that deity, for example the Panther was sacred to Liber (the Roman god of wine who was very similar to Dionysus/Bacchus. There are lots of animals on the coins, real and mythical. Figures from the Cunetio hoard suggest about 14 percent of Gallienus' total coins minted were part of this series, so they tend to be quite affordable as they're relatively common.

Collecting Animal Coins

Animals on ancient coins is a great theme for collecting. It can allow...

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